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10 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Rocks

While siting atop the Marcella Royal Hotel enjoying the rooftop patio, I had one of my nighttime chats with Salvatore, charming bartender and my newest BFF.  It was in between one of his rounds of serving drinks that he stopped by my table with a puzzled expression on … Continue reading

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Ristorante La Pentolaccia

La Pentolaccia is a gem of a restaurant located right in the heart of Rome. As it was recommended to me by the staff of the Marcella Royal Hotel, where I’m staying, I was a little leary, since hotels often have agreements to promote certain establishments over others. … Continue reading

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To Bidet or Not To Bidet?

…after a wonderful little snooze, the afternoon has turned into the early evening. I drag myself out of my comfy lavender-smelling bed to get showered and changed. as I walk into the bathroom, I notice an extra piece of porcelain.  Do you see … Continue reading

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Living La Vida Roma

I arrive at the Fiumicino “Leonardo da Vinci” airport in Rome, and man, am I ever beat. My overnight flight from Toronto was over eight hours long, and I’m still fighting a cold that I caught a few days ago. But that’s … Continue reading

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The Trevi Fountain

E allora… the Trevi Fountain. What can I say? It’s a fountain. Built at the end point of an ancient Roman aqueduct, the Trevi Fountain is named after the Italian words tre vie (three roads), describing the three streets that meet at the … Continue reading

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Why I Love Europe…

A grown man can wear purple from head to toe without one person doing a double take…

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My Roman Holiday

Have you ever missed a city just minutes after having arrived there? That’s precisely how I feel about Rome.  After leaving Paris nine months ago for Toronto, I decided to celebrate the big 3-8 by returning overseas for another European adventure: Paris, London, and the very … Continue reading

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