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The Chocolate Croissant

Known as ‘Pain au Chocolat‘ in French, which translated into English literally means “chocolate bread.” Chocolate Croissants are a staple here in Paris and quite possibly one of the five French basic food groups. (I think the official order is: … Continue reading

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Gosselin Bakery

There are bakeries that bake and then there are bakeries. Bakeries that take exacting measures to ensure the quality of their baked goods. Bakeries that create visual masterpieces and then brazenly place these creations on display, proudly propping their plump … Continue reading

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Le Paname

Le Paname is just a stone’s throw away from Les Halles shopping center, in the 1st arrondissement. The many times I’ve walked past this restaurant, I have been intrigued by their mellow ambiance at night and their many specials advertised … Continue reading

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Paris (Day 25) – Meeting the Natives

After twenty-five days in Paris living like a recluse, I decide it’s time to get a telephone number. I’m not ready to return to Los Angeles or Canada at this point, so I determine I should at least commit to … Continue reading

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Every night, where Boulevards Saint Martin and Saint Denis meet, there is a homeless man who sets up a cardboard shelter, just outside a clothing store. In the daytime, the front of the store is lined with racks of clothes, … Continue reading

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A Girl’s Gotta Eat

My wonderful, fabulous mother, whom I love dearly, worries about me. I’m in a brand new country, all by myself, and if I were in her shoes, I’d be worried, too. But, then she asks me the one question that … Continue reading

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Paris (Day 20) – Mona Lisa and Company

After almost three weeks in Paris, I decide it’s time to finally visit the Louvre. Museums in general are free the first Sunday of every month. And with a price like that, it would be crazy not to visit the … Continue reading

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